Which discovered methodologies can be used for new work? And how?

In the last two years, I perceived the family as a subject, which I observed from a different angle every time. Each new perspective brought me a new encounter with the family. Firstly, there was the space, which helped me define family structures. Then there was my awareness that the space is such a layered notion, that it became more than a spatial notion. The cinematic space became a tool for creating more encounters with the family: through personal family experiments, such as the ROOM therapy experiment and the memory from the ship accident. Both gave me insight into creating my personal moment of awareness of my point of view within the family. This awareness of my personal point of view during an event was a fruitful experience and made me curious to collect more experiences from other people. This ranged from a personal observation to a fictional event – the quiet event – where the cinematic space and the simultaneity became highly important once again.   

This movement of finding the intimate point of view of a character in order to rebuild the whole event was, and still is, a journey through various experiments, which created different understandings of the family. The family is my laboratory and a place to play.

My aim for the near future is to keep some of the methodologies as a research tool to research new themes or subjects: using a personal memory as a tool to find my point of view within a subject; and restructuring footage in a spatial way, or in the computer, to focus in order to verbalise my perception on a subject. All these methodologies, which came out of experiments, can continue during research, writing and even in the montage phase. Looking at material from different angles creates, for me, an understanding of its potential and the richness of the material. 

The quiet event is still a work in progress, and I think I would like to continue after this project with a new film project in which I will research more extreme possibilities of the point of view in relation to perceived space. Further outcomes and developments around the quiet event and new projects will be on this research website.