What if more people could give me their moment of awareness of their social roles during an event?

Due to the desire to broaden my knowledge of these moments of awareness, I decided to ask other people to tell me about their moment of awareness. I asked if they wanted to send me a short selfie-film, in which they tell their story to the camera. All kinds of various stories reached my email box. What strikes me the most was that, before they started to tell the story, they established the setting in very specific details. I assume these details wouldn’t be told the same way if I were to ask the other family members to tell about the same event. So, even when they are recalling the mise-en-scène, it is constructed from a very specific perspective. 

 The book I am I (ik ben ik) from Dolf Kohnstam*, confirmed my idea about these very personal descriptions of the mise-en-scène. In this book, there is a specific and wonderful testimonial from a woman that recalls a moment where she observes a very obviously normal and weekly moment in a bathroom while bathing with her little brothers and sisters.  Her moment of becoming aware of herself, of having a body and being someone, is described in such a visual and cinematographic way that these kinds of testimonials give so much filmic details in researching a point of view. ‘Suddenly I wasn’t a part anymore of the equation, as if I stepped out of that unity. Like some prop figurine in front of the scenery. It was the 1st time I realised I was naked. I don’t remember any details of my nakedness. Looking from above, I only see a faint girl’s body’

The testimonials I received are used as an inspirational source to extract certain kinds of emotions, settings and ways of storytelling for a fictional project. 

The idea that the setting around a character, sound, light and even the other characters in a room can be seen in different ways, gave me many possibilities as a filmmaker to think about the extremes of a point of view. 

*Ik ben Ik, de ontdekking van het zelf- Dolf Kohnstam 2002 uitgeverij brave new books